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Make a connection to the land and experience the
satisfaction of growing your own food, all in your own yard

The Front Yard Farmer will design, build, plant and nurture an organic vegetable garden in YOUR yard or property. People are returning to home gardening and we can teach you the skills to make it a success.

Growing vegetables intensively in a manageable space offers new gardeners a rewarding experience, one that will create a direct connection to one's food and a reconnection with nature. With the changes we are seeing in the world, fresh food is no longer a commodity to be take for granted. Between the chemical inputs of large factory farms, lengthy transportation, and huge carbon output, our food comes at a great price, one that is not always apparent. The time is right for you to grow your gardening skills and have a relationship with your food, possibly right in your own front yard.

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A new paradigm in
environmental/ agriculture/ education
& food safety

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