Is there a greater audience

Is there a greater audience?

When 4 or more random people within a period of  weeks say to you 'have  you ever thought of writing or creating a blog', one has to wonder, what is the universe trying to tell me?....

What is it specifically that those people thought I had to say....? Was it that hot sauce I fermented last summer, the healing salve I've been making from my garden herbs the last 20 years, or perhaps my idiosyncratic practices that I no longer recognize until I have a guest that questions those practices.  Maybe the most telling was the response from family members about my most recent holiday I wrote to them about.  So the question posed, is there a greater audience? 

Here's the interesting thing, as a young person, I was convinced that I wasn't able to articulate my thoughts in a way that got my message across.   Often times I would end a sentence with 'ah forget it, I can't explain'.  I convinced myself that I wasn't smart enough to continue college and dropped out after sophomore year never to return because I lived in fear of having to write a paper.  No one was telling me I didn't have the smarts, I was my own worst enemy.

 I came from a household where if I didn't know the definition of a word I was sent to look it up in our family dictionary.  Begrudgingly, I would march off to 'look it up', I don't know if I retained the definitions, but it was a regular practice in our home.  My mother has always been a bibliophile, well read in the classics, a NY Times devotee (not just on Sundays) and hands down has the best vocabulary of anyone I know.  I still ask her to define the unfamiliar words she uses in casual conversation. An amateur writer herself, she's written short stories, ghost writes for her husband, and has a propensity for writing touching obituaries for friends and family.  

When my mother whom I greatly respect as a writer praised something I had written, it was duly noted and I was flattered.  It appears that the time is now, I will touch on the things that have defined and enriched my life.  It is my hope that among my musings you find something that touches you. 

Here are a few subjects I will touch on;

Kitchen Chemistry
Kite Boarding
Life Style
Human Impact





Lake Dillon, morning paddle